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Carrier Profiles

Carrier Profile: Metro Parcel & Freight

By Jason W. McGlone
Posted Feb 1st 2010 8:08AM

Since 1988, Birmingham, Michigan's Metro Parcel & Freight has been steadily growing.  Just over 20 years ago, the company's President, Kurt Prock started the company as its owner and principal employee and, "It expanded to several other drivers locally in the Detroit area, and then it expanded to over-the-road loads, where it is now," says Mike Webster, the firm's Safety & Recruitment officer.  While the company's certainly proud of this growth, it's not something that they use as a primary measurement of their success--it's more of a result of their success than anything else. 

"We get the job done on time and we keep our promises," Webster says.  "Our drivers get good pay every week, good benefits, and they get a fair shake.  We have a very low driver turnover." 

Metro Parcel & Freight hires drivers and uses Owner/Operators, which allows it a broad scope of opportunity when taking on loads.  Speaking of that broad scope of opportunity, they're equipped to haul just about anything: "We use cargo vans, tractor trailers, dry vans, and flatbeds.  As long as it's not a refrigerated or hazmat load, we'll haul it." 

Perhaps the most promising thing about Metro Parcel & Freight, aside from their 21-year history and steady growth over that period of time is their attitude towards the customer.  It's a simple formula that's afforded them the success that they've had: "We give the customer what he wants, when he wants it, and at a competitive price.  Beyond that, we always, always drive for continuous improvement of our operations." 

And that's just what the company stresses in all their dealings--affordability, clients getting their shipments when they need them, and taking advantage of whatever room for improvement there is--all of the time. 

In terms of hiring drivers, Metro Parcel & Freight offers weekly settlements, a signing bonus, a rider program, with Qualcomm and fuel cards available.  To boot, they allow pets.  Their minimum age requirement is 21 and they also require a minimum of 2 years experience.  There are also DWI, Moving Violation, accident, and felony restrictions that you'll want to consult further with them about should you be interested in applying for a driving position.

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Contact Metro Parcel & Freight:

5965 Wall
Sterling Heights, MI 48312
Phone: 248-565-6433


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