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Carrier Profiles

Carrier Profile: Elite Expediting

By Jeff Jensen
Posted Sep 27th 2001 11:00AM

This time around our Fleet Profile focuses on a "different" kind of expediting company. Elite Expediting and Logistics Ltd. is not only involved in the just-in-time freight industry, but also offers it's customers warehousing, freight forwarding, parcel logistics services and maintains a flat bed division.

Established in 1987, Elite maintains terminals in Windsor, ON and Detroit, MI. This privately held company operates both terminals round-the-clock, 365 days a year. Their warehousing division has over 50,000 sq. ft. of heated storage and offers a full range of storage solutions, direct marketing/parcel logistics services, dunnage control, cross docking, light assembly, and rework operations.

Frank Hansaruk, Operations Manager says, "Brent Groh, the owner of Elite Expediting and Logistics, started this company a little over 13 years ago with two economy cars and in that time, has grown the company into the multi-faceted business it is today. We've outgrown three headquarters locations already."

Brent Groh, president of Elite Expediting and Logistics states, "We feel what makes us different from many of our competitors is our comparatively long history in this business, the fact that we are a financially stable company, our modern technology with our website order entry and tracking and our flatbed division."

Elite Expediting's freight forwarding service provides drop shipping points both in the US and Canada with direct door-to-door delivery service and customs clearance.

Unique for an expediting company, Elite Expediting's flatbed division offers overhead or side loading of their customer's flatbed freight with roll-tarp equipped flat bed trucks.

Working in combination with their warehousing division, Elite provides firms in the direct marketing, catalogue sales, or online electronic commerce business with a Canadian shipping program. Elite also provides in-house parts storage and distribution for firms in the automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, or computer parts businesses.

The company's expediting division operates mainly in the Eastern US and in Canada utilizing a fleet consisting of 75% Owner/Operators and 25% company drivers. With a fleet size of over 50 units, Elite uses cargo vans, cube vans, straight trucks, tractor/trailers and the previously mentioned flatbeds.

Frank Hansurak: "On the road communications are provided by Nextel phones and Qualcomm satellite equipment. Elite uses a first in, first out dispatching policy with no forced dispatch. A CDL with Haz-Mat endorsement is required for drivers with this company."

"Elite provides the insurance for our Owner/Operators with the plates for their vehicles in our company's name."

When asked, 'What makes a successful contractor with Elite?' Frank has this to say, "Good common sense, attention to details such as freight securement, courtesy to our customers, etc. Our experience has also shown that a well-groomed appearance is important to customer relations."

"We're very proud of our fleet. Our drivers are professional and quite knowledgeable about this industry."

Elite Expediting and Logistics runs team operations with both it's Owner/Operators and company drivers. The condition of the equipment is also a matter of concern to this company; Frank Hansaruk estimates that there are no trucks in the fleet over three years old.

Frank, in addition to being Operations Manager, also functions as the recruiter, works with compliance and safety issues and is involved in driver relations.

Frank tells us that he's not the only one putting in some long hours at the office: "Brent Groh is not one of those executives who drops by the office for a few hours; he's an extremely hard-working, hands-on type of owner who usually puts in a 12-14 hour day."

Brent relates, "Although as a private company we don't usually disclose financial figures, I can say that our company was in the 5-6 million dollar range in business last year."

"This year, we hope to maintain the same levels as last year in today's slower economy."

Frank states that Elite Expediting is presently adding units in sizes of 24' straight trucks and larger. They're looking for Owner/Operators in Tennessee, Georgia and Texas, especially those owners with specialized equipment such as dropdeck trailers.

For Recruiting contact:

Frank Hansaruk 1-888-264-9570


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