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Bolt Express Launches New Website

By Carol Hill
Posted Apr 13th 2009 5:58AM

Using Technology to Reach Customers

Toledo, Ohio –   Bolt Express is pleased to announce the launch of their new website.  After several months of design and development the new site went live today.

Over the past year, Bolt Express has been in the news frequently, revealing their new corporate headquarters, their on-board logging plans and the expansion of their Enterprise of Services.  After expanding their services last year to include not only Expedite, but Truckload, Logistics and Mexico, they realized they needed a way to reach the public with this information.  Jim Nagle, Vice President of Sales explains, “We have so much to offer our current and potential customers that we needed a better way to get the information out to them.”  He continues, “We all agreed the internet was by far the best way to reach the most people.”

The new website provides visitors an in-depth view of Bolt’s capabilities as well as how to contact their team to book a load.  Some of the added features of the new site include shipment tracking capabilities, ability to check truck availability by city or zip code and FIRST web seminar information.   Although, the site is already very user-friendly, Bolt Express plans to continue to improve and streamline the site to make it even more effective.

Bolt Express LLC provides a diverse Enterprise of Transportation Services both domestically and internationally.  Since its creation in 2000, the Toledo, Ohio-based company has become a leader in providing reliable, trustworthy, safety-conscious shipping services.  Bolt Express has a vehicle type to fit every need; its state-of-the art satellite monitoring system allows for up-to-the-minute shipment tracking.  It’s a one-call solution for all your shipment needs. 

For more information, call (866) USE-BOLT (873-2658) or visit


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