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Attention Owner Operators! Flexibility and Innovation with On Time Express

By Sandy Long
Posted Jun 26th 2013 7:00AM


Bob Stark, founder and President of On Time Express, Livonia Michigan, is no stranger to expediting. With 27 years in the expedite field, Bob has led On Time Express to be a premier Tier One carrier with the Big 3 automakers. With such vast knowledge of the expedite field, Bob knows that the bane of an owner operator’s existence is setting waiting on a load while the payments keep on going.

On Time Express Flexible Load Program, Run Your Own Show

Flexibility in having a load ready for an owner operator when they empty out is rare in the industry. “Many owner operators have no choice but to set waiting on freight when leased on with a carrier, to counteract this, we have developed flexibility into our owner operator program so an owner operator, with their own authority, can pull for another carrier if they choose, to keep their operation profitable,” says Bob. “For instance, an owner operator knows they are going to empty out in Atlanta, they can, if we do not have a load ready for them, have a load ready from another carrier going say, to Chicago. They call us, tell us where they are going, and we can have a load ready for them in Chicago.”

To accomplish this, On Time Express is looking for owner operators with newer straight trucks or tractors and their own authority. Work is available for both teams and solos. “We have 1000+ loads a day, “Bob says, “but what we have may not be where an owner operator is or have a load going where they want. By them having their own authority and being able to haul other freight, with our flexible program, it is feasible that a owner operator can run as many miles a week as they want or need to, making more money by reducing wait time. This program is perfect for the owner operator that wants to run their own show rather than be at the beck and call of a specific carrier.”

Putting New Innovations to Work at On Time Express

To further the benefits for owner operators working with On Time Express, Bob acknowledges the location check calls required by auto parts loads are troublesome for most drivers. On Time Express is utilizing the innovative MapPoint tracking among others, for their owner operators at no cost to the driver or owner operator! With the owner operator’s permission, their cell phone number is entered into the system; this will allow online tracking by the parts companies utilizing the phone’s gps instead of having to make a call.


On Time Express has a stellar reputation in the expedite industry, Bob credits hard work, keeping on the cutting edge with adapting to new ideas and innovations, professionalism, his open door/family atmosphere and his loyal staff. “Almost all of our dispatchers have been with us for at least 14 of the 18 years On Time Express has been in business. They are the backbone, along with our owner operators and customers, of our business. They know the expedite business inside and out and are dedicated to working professionally with our owner operators and customers,” says Bob.

"Our objective is provide our customers with prompt and exceptional service. We are committed to focusing on our customer’s needs and being a team player. We will continually set, achieve and reset our objectives to perfect the quality of our service. We will strive for no less than excellence." Bob continues that thought to include On Time Express’s owner operators. “Owner operators run their companies like I do on a smaller scale, with the same goal, to make money. To do this, total communication is the key. We cannot serve either our owner operators or customers with excellence unless everyone is communicating effectively. With communication, everything moves smoother.”

If you own a newer straight truck or tractor, have your own authority, want to manage your own business, AND be paid well and in a timely manner, then >>> Apply Here<<< or email Bob at


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