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18 Years of Success: On Time Express & Logistics, Inc.

By Sandy Long, staff writer
Posted Mar 12th 2013 7:01AM

500_400_website_logo_1.jpg In February of 1995, Robert Stark started On-Time Express, Inc. with one vehicle and one thing in mind: to create the very best freight expediting company around.  Stark had experience and contacts in the Industry so he understood the need for a company that would provide unbelievable service at a competitive cost.  It became his dream. He wasn’t looking to get rich.  He simply wanted to provide for his family and have the ability to send his two sons to college when the time came. The beginnings were simple and incredibly tough.  Initially working out of his basement, Stark did the sales, dispatching, driving and billing. Stark was relentlessly selling his company by making the phone calls and knocking on all of the doors he could. His persistence paid off. Within a few months, he was getting calls from Ford Motor Company.

Since then, Stark has continually led his company upwards. The customer base grew and the company gained quick respect as a reliable player in the Industry.  A highlight in the company’s history came in 2006 when it was recognized by National Logistics Management as the Carrier with the best On Time Performance, beating out the biggest and the best competitors in North America.

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In order to maintain his customer base and remain competitive, Stark established On-Time Express & Logistics, Inc. in 2007 to provide their customers with an even better safety net.  Utilizing a base of thousands of carriers, it has enabled them to have the resources necessary to move the freight more safely and efficiently.  This decision alone created the ability to provide true North American service, including Canada and Mexico as well as Air Carrier solutions for any freight that is beyond critical. On-Time Express & Logistics, Inc. in combination with its partner carrier On-Time Express, Inc. has a proven record of reliability in an ever changing Industry where cost, time and safety are vital.  

After leasing office space in Plymouth, Michigan for several years, Stark made the decision to purchase a building that would provide even more flexibility to not only his customer base but also the drivers and carriers that represent his company.  The 7,000 square foot facility, located in Livonia, Michigan, includes the ability to cross dock freight.  A secure warehouse provides a safe storage option when necessary.  

In the office, On-Time Express & Logistics has implemented the necessary technology to increase their efficiency, which has given them the ability to manage their customers, drivers and partner carriers more effectively. From the moment it is loaded, every minute it is in transit, to the moment of delivery, they know where a customer’s freight is.  This technology gives them the essential tools to keep not only their Customers happy, but also their drivers and partner carriers profitable and satisfied.

Stark will be the first person to tell you that the success of his company is because of the individuals that represent it.  Stark has acquired what he feels to be the best people in the industry, many of whom have been with him since nearly the beginning.  Inside the office or on the road, the remarkable people representing his company have enabled them to remain in business throughout some of the most challenging times.  He understands the challenges they face day in and day out.  He has been in their shoes (as a driver, dispatcher, etc) and he knows that it can be overwhelming at times.  This knowledge gives him a perspective that not a lot of owners can recognize and understand, and he feels that awareness has strengthened his relationship with all of them.

As Robert Stark celebrates 18 years of business success, he stands by the Mission Statement he stated in the beginning:
“Our objective is simple…to provide our customers with prompt and exceptional service.  We are committed to focusing on our customers needs and being a team player.  We will continually set, achieve and reset our objectives to perfect the quality of our service.  We will strive for no less than excellence.”

If you are looking for a logistics company to handle your freight with an outstanding, award winning reputation in the expediting field, or if you are looking for a career choice, contact On Time Express & Logistics Inc. either at their website, or call 734.427.6400.   

If you are an Owner Operator that is interested in working for a company you can believe in, click here to complete our on-line pre-application. 


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