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  • ATRI: What Makes Younger Drivers Safe?
    Posted Aug 14th 2017 11:47AM
    The American Transportation Research Institute released the phase one findings of its research into whether safe younger drivers can be identified thr...
  • Autonomous Technology Heats Up in Arizona
    Posted Aug 14th 2017 11:44AM
    Arizona is hot enough as it. But the Grand Canyon state is heating up as a hotbed of autonomous vehicle development as well, according to a report by ...
  • A Look Under the Hood of the Expedited Trucking Business
    By Sean M. Lyden - Staff Writer
    Posted Aug 14th 2017 9:00AM
    Imagine there was a free workshop where you could learn about a new business opportunity without hype and high-pressure sales tactics. You could hear...
  • FMCSA Slates Summertime Road Show Regional Forums
    By David Cullen -
    Posted Aug 11th 2017 3:10PM
    With no fanfare and nearly as little publicity, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has begun holding day-long regional forums to discuss ...
  • Research Shows Promise for New Source of Rubber for Tires
    Posted Aug 11th 2017 2:27PM
    You could see tires in the future made from rubber from a domestic plant rather than the traditional rubber tree, as a five-year study led by Cooper T...
  • Wabash National to Buy Truck Body Maker Supreme
    By David Cullen -
    Posted Aug 9th 2017 12:47PM
    Trailer maker Wabash National Corp. (NYSE:WNC) will acquire truck body maker Supreme Industries, Inc. (NYSE MKT:STS), the two Indiana-based manufactur...
  • FMCSA eyes removal of diabetic drivers’ exemption requirement
    By Deanne Winslett -
    Posted Aug 9th 2017 12:45PM
    Truckers with insulin-treated diabetes may no longer have to request a formal exemption from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, should a...
  • ELD rumors dispelled: Small fleet exemption? Delay to 2019? Answers here…
    By James Jaillet -
    Posted Aug 9th 2017 12:37PM
    I received an email from an owner-operator this weekend with a few questions regarding the federal government’s fast-approaching mandate for electro...
  • Economic Watch: Employment Surges, Exports Highest in 2+ Years
    By Evan Lockridge -
    Posted Aug 4th 2017 1:31PM
      Employers in the U.S. continued adding a strong number of jobs in July, while separate reports show better exports and factory orders. Overall 209,...
  • DOT withdraws rule to set sleep apnea screening criteria for truckers
    By James Jaillet and Todd Dills -
    Posted Aug 4th 2017 1:27PM
    A rulemaking meant to establish criteria and processes for instituting sleep apnea screening requirements for truck operators will officially be withd...