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Driver Lifestyles

  • Expediter Profile: Terry O'Connell
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Jan 23rd 2002 8:00AM
    From a career in the military, to life on the road in the just-in-time freight business, this veteran has seen some changes in the expediting industry.
  • Owners and Drivers - Can't We All Just Get Along?
    By Bill Hosler
    Posted Dec 3rd 2001 9:00AM
    "Treat the truck as if it was your own; not only will you make money, but I will make money."
  • Stress Relief For Expediters
    By Bob Colleran
    Posted Nov 7th 2001 10:03AM
    For my first few years in expediting, I had numerous run-in's with dispatch, safety and even recruiters. Here's how I learned to relax and take the good with the bad.
  • Five Reasons To Check Your Credit Report Regularly
    By Lee Kurtzmann
    Posted Nov 1st 2001 3:31AM
    What you don't know, can hurt you....or, at least hurt your credit!
  • A Driver's Worst Enemy: Back Injuries
    By Gary Addis
    Posted Oct 12th 2001 4:00AM
    Placing blame is easy; "fingerprinting" 14,000 pounds of freight after an 800-mile drive is difficult. And parking overnight on darkened inner city streets at 2:00 am in the morning is insane--but we do it, don't we - it comes with the job.