Wal-Mart, and Prescriptions on the Road


Veteran Expediter
I use Walmart.My Dr sends my script to the Walmart at home,and if I can't get home,I just get it transfered to a Walmart where ever I am.I have had no trouble with Walmart Pharmacy.


Veteran Expediter
It's tricky, Jack. Some, yes.

One of the biggest problems is an ointment. A little over a year ago, she developed a rash on her shins that makes one spot on each shin look like the texture of an avocado. Trip to family doctor, then referral to rheumatologist, biopsy, and testing with different ointments. First one shows results, then stops. Move her to different one that mostly works. First scrip fine. Second scrip, the size she needs (certain size tube) for that time frame, they don't stock at that Walmart. They fill with the half-size tube. She needs it, so she gets it. Goes to another in a different state 2 weeks later, and "oh, this is still an open scrip, and you have to go back to that Walmart to get it finished and closed." Huh? WTF?

Leads me to believe they get their 'think-out-of-the-box' skills from their previous career as a dispatcher.

We're spearheading this tomorrow, as the truck will be finished with repairs Tuesday. We're anxious to get back out on the road.

I'll let everyone know how the rx thing turns out. Thanks for everyone's help thus far.