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Like I said before. He was waiting to post until the site was done testing and when people would be able to get on the site, which happened when they partnered with Rumble.
And like I said before, it was truly remarkable that Trump remained silent for so long.

They did not partner with Rumble because they finished testing. They partnered with Rumble -- thereby giving up technical control of the platform -- because they could not get Truth Social to work with the team they had.


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You can believe what you want. It doesn’t mean it is true. I would think one would want more information( like the actual post that banned him before they believe something) I personally wouldn’t like to post something on the site that wasn’t what I actually agreed with. It’s acting deceptively toward whoever is following me and that reads it.
So preface the post with a disclosure that this is an experiment. Fully disclose what you are doing and why. The post would look like this:

"This is an experiment to see if the following language will be permitted to stand on Truth Social. I do not believe the words below, but, as an experiment I'm posting them to see if the moderators will allow them to stand. I'm doing this because someone I know believes Truth Social is banning people for posting such language. I'm posting the language to find out for sure.

"The Jan 6 Committee hearings are good for America. The truth must be known. I salute Liz Cheney for her courage and leadership."


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That's awesome, coalminer! Thank you for doing this. The experiment is underway. Now we wait to see how long the post is permitted to stand. 10 days is a fair test, I would think.
I think there has been worse language and comments that I’ve seen so far on Truth Social. It hasn’t been taken down yet.


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Trump's Truth Social is Banning the People's Truths

I did a little digging on the veracity of these examples.
My Truth Social account was just permanently suspended for talking about the January 6th Committee hearings.
— Travis Allen (@TravisAllen02)
This guy wasn't specific about what he posted or why he was permanently suspended. Maybe he'll offer some detail.
I was suspended from Truth Social for posting about the January 6th hearing last night.
Donald Trump is scared of free speech.
— Jack Cocchiarella (@JDCocchiarella)
This one claims to be a Democrat Digital Strategist and has a picture with Biden on his profile. He also has a follow-up post the same day stating that the failure of his account "could be part of a larger collapse of the app...". So he doesn't seem to know if he was suspended or not.
Just put out my first post on Truth social and they deleted it.
Real freedom of speech champs there.
— Joseph (@newsfromplanet0)
He said his first post "mentioned Trump and called him a p*ssy". Any surprise that a profanity-laced personal attack would get deleted?
Seeing a lot of folks getting banned from Trump's Truth Social for posting updates about the January 6 Committee hearings.
Apparently free speech has its limits even in Trumpland.
— Max Burns (@themaxburns) June 10, 2022

News Reports About This
There is a lot of that on Twitter, but keep in mind that site is liberal la-la land. Let's wait and see how Coalminer's post endures. I may put up something similar myself. I haven't posted much at all, so if I get banned it's no big deal.
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A big mystery. Travis Allen claims he was banned for talking about Jan6 committee but whatever he (allegedly) said must have permanently disappeared into the ether. His Twitter followers believe him, but none that I’ve seen have even asked about what exactly he said. Just bought it hook, line, and sinker.
Nobody knows what he actually posted. At this point, I’m going to have to call bogus on this story.


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No Democrat has yet to explain to me how Biden got 10 million more votes than Obama......
Biden hid in a basement and had such micro sized crowds and yet he got more votes than his former boss? That is how we know they cheated in 2020.
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If the MAGA morons are going to do this to members of their own party what chance do the rest of us have?

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