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Ditto for the Class A in Mo - I had to parallel park a t/t, which never ever happened once I'd done it and was driving one. Stupid rule!

Jackie: the pretrip is an important part of the test, because it's an important part of driving commercially. It was like a foreign language to me, too, but it's not hard to learn, and the knowledge is worth aquiring and retaining, I promise.
You know, we weren't required to parallel park in AR, but we were required to back through a straight line of cones...I forgot what they called it, but it was the toughest part of the test. Once I got on the road, parallel parked quite a few times in places like rest areas where trucks park single file, nose to tail around the perimeter and such. I loved to parallel park. I found it easier than parking between two trucks in a truckstop. We do need to keep in mind though that Jackie is taking class B...not A.

P.S.: "So far"? I love
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Darn, we were in knoxville monday and tuesday of this week. We could of met up.