So how do you do it?


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Ok, to stir up a bit of head scratching or something, how do you get dressed? Do you always do things in the same order? Same side? IOW, do you always put your left or right sock on first? Do you do the same thing with your shoes? Do you put your shorts on with the same leg first every time? Is it the same leg as you put the sock on first? Same with your pants? Same arm in your sleeve first every time? Same with your jacket? Do you even think about it?

I put my left sock and later shoe first but my right leg for shorts and pants and right arm in shirt sleeves but left arm in jackets. No clue why, just happens. But it's something to waste away a minute or three when there's nothing better to think about.
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Hmm, not sure on everything. But since I’m a creature of habit and hate change, with some OCD thrown in for fun. I’d say I’m pretty consistent with how I do something

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