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Right questions to ask


New Recruit
Hey! Newbie here trying to get into the game...solo Okay so I do have 3 yrs otr but in drive away....transporting vehicles across the country as an IC. So I’ve slept in vehicles and all of that. Recently answered a post from an owner looking for a solo driver for a box truck that he wants to run pretty hard. Because I’m new not really sure of the right questions to ask. Already asked about fuel and maintenance, mileage. Can anyone tell me something’s I should ask....kind of want to make sure he’s not one to have me up a creek without a paddle kind of guy. Not even sure if that’s a concern in this realm of otr. Any insight would be appreciated!!


Veteran Expediter
Does the truck have a sleeper?
Is it in eld compliance?
What about break downs out on the road?
Does it have a aux power source?
Does it have a espar heater?
Does it have a ac unit?