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Problems with 2015 hino 155???


New Recruit
Hello all, I am thinking of purchasing a hino 155, possibly a 2015, and i know nothing about these trucks. I am mechanicly inclined but mostly with older powerstroke diesels. My question is : is there anything to look for when buying these trucks out of the ordinary? Are some years better than others? It seems that people are selling these trucks when the warranty runs out so I'm hoping to save some coin and not buy brand new. Just have no idea if I'm opening a basket of worms. Thanks for any help


Seasoned Expediter
I bought a Hino 155 in 2017 for my cabinetmaking business. After looking at the Isuzu and the Hino it was and is my considered opinion that the Hino is a better built truck. My 155 has had no unusual service requirements and never gives me any issues, but because we run it 90% local there's not a lot of miles on it. The Isuzu & Hino are both represented by the same dealer here in Rochester NY, Metzger Gear. They treat me very very well. A good part of your equation is exactly that, the quality of your dealer. In my case that wasn't an issue. I simply concluded that the Hino was a better truck, and I was sure enough to pay more for it than I would have for the Isuzu.

I have had a Hino 338 for about 6 years, which also influenced my decision being as I have enjoyed good success with that truck.