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I don't have any idea which forum this goes in, feel free to move it. I almost put it under tech, but wasn't sure if it really qualified there.

I've been using Tracfone for a couple years. It's what I'm going back out with, but I know I need to change that as soon as I can. I was with Sprint on a two-year contract when I drove last time, and they were a bloody nightmare. Never saw anyone who could put so many extra charges on an all-inclusive plan. My preference is for a pre-paid plan. Maybe one of those monthly no-contract kinda things. I can't afford and have no desire to get hooked onto a contract again. Not until I've test driven them on the no-contract, anyway.

I am not going onto a contract, and I have no interest in blackberry, iphone, or any other gadgets like that. Nice simple cell phone. Fanciest thing I'm likely to do is text from my seat at the restaurant (eating and talking can be tricky).

So, who has good solid coverage, and a nights and weekends free sorta no-contract plan?



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I used boost (Nextel) for yrs....I just changed to Verizon so I could get 1 of those Droid......always had decent service and for 50.00 p/m can u beat it.....

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You can't beat straighttalk. 45 a month, unlimited voice and text, no contract. They use Verizon and at&t towers. If you get a phone that ends in 'c' you will be on Verizon towers, if you get a phone that ends in 'g' you will be using at&t. Check them out at, or Walmart.

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I am not going to talk about cell but I need to know more about expedite trucks and how could someone see one. I live in a small town of Winston Salem,NC and there no trucking companies near me. I am also wanting to know if I am starting with nothing what should I be looking at as of cost for this start. Thanks from Micheal Black :D:eek::cool: