Planning on getting a Van within 90 days...


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Hello expediters!!!
I am in the process of getting a van but before I do that I need to know if getting my LLC EIN DOT MC necessary to start as an O/O? I know its hard to get loads starting...especially with the business being saturated.But Im in it for the long haul... I just need to know should I get all that stuff done first (if I even need to) or just get the van and insurance and find a company to sign on with?

I currently drive Hotshot for someone but nothing like your own...I drove semi also and I am prior service member Hooah!!!! The road life and truck stops been my home and Im just paying rent to visit this place I call my days out of a month)

My plan is to get the longest and tallest and im also going new because I will also be living in my van until I figure out where I would like to move. Currently in DFW Texas and plan to stay just dont know where yet when my domestic lease is up in January.

Also, is there any place around Dallas-Fort Worth that customizes sprinter vans that you guys know of? Whats the turn around time for sleeper customizing?

Any info would greatly appreciated.....


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On this forum there are tons of posts on van builds even photos. You will be better off building your bed and sleeping area. I would start out with a simple set up and make sure you get a espar heater and a good ac with min 12k btu and good generator thats both small and quiet(3k watts)like a Honda.
That being said the most work your going to get is east of the Mississippi river.
Oh and you want 3 skid capacity and still have room to sleep so think carefully on what you build. Any van has to have a under 10k weight limit on the door sticker or you will have to log and scale.


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Sportsmobile in Austin did my van and did a good job. I never had any complaints. I had a Chevy G3500. They insulated it all the way around, installed a Fantastic Fan, a jalousie window behind the driver door, Coleman roof a/c, Onan 2800 generator in the spare tire well, a couple of fluorescent lights, a hotel battery, various splitters/chargers for electrical that I know nothing about and a shelving system under the side window. It wasn't as nice as a stand up van but it did a good job. I could carry 2 skids and still had about 25" of "sleeper" space. They also installed etrack along both side walls about 6 inches above the wheel arches. It wasn't cheap but it was done well with quality components. If I were going out again it would be with a stand up tall van done by them about the same way.
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