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Per Diem Rates Starting Oct 1, 2014 for 2015


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Travel Per Diem Rates for 2015

Hi all, IRS refuses to raise the Per Diem rates for the transportation industry, they are exactly the same as the last 3 years since 2010

Notice 2014-57 announces the 2014-2015 per diem rates for substantiating employees' business expenses for lodging, meals, and incidental expenses incurred while traveling away from home.

The Meal rates for the transportation industry remain unchanged $59.00 per Day for travel ]in the continental. and $65.00 for Canada, and Mexico

The deduction rate also remains the same at 80% of the total. for all drivers.

But the substantiation for Canada is this, in order to take the Per Diem you cannot go into and out of any of the Provinces within the same day, You must stay overnight, and prove the time you crossed in and out at the border, otherwise the allowance cannot be taken at the Canadian rate.

The incidental-expenses-only rate for Company Drivers remains at $5.00 per day unless they can prove they logged a day overnight, the deduction for the overnight must be a over a full 24 hour

If you purchase any items including any of the following:
Sirus Radio, Dish/Direct TV, and any prescription services, they cannot be combined with your Per Diem, they are Deducted at 50% of the total in Part V, of your Sch. C' Form

If you have any questons regarding this information please do not hesitate to ask


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can hotel expenses be deducted as well as the per diem expenses? in other words, if you deduct $59 for the per diem, for example, can you still deduct for the hotel room for the same day?


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For the transportation industry, the Hotel is not part of the Per Deim, it is considered Travel and is taken separately on line 24 A
Per Deim is on line 24B depending on your software