Veteran Expediter
Just finished 3 days of orientation.Was very informative,instructor was good at his job,and nothing seemed to be sugar coated.Was this better than other orientations I've been to,not saying better,but just as good.You should be able to take your first load and not have a problem.


Seasoned Expediter
Glad that you had a good experience in orientation this week Steve. That's one thing you're going to pick up quick about TS: they do NOT sugar coat anything. They tell it to you the way it is, whether you like it or not. Yes, Mike is an EXCELLANT orientation instructor...very informative yet knows when to bring humor in to the pot when needed. Everyone at TS is very down home, knowledgable, and helpful. It's not often that you can find dispatchers and other employees who have been on with that same company for MANY years, as in the case with TS. I think it speaks volumes about the company.