Old expeditor, old habits,lets go camping


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I got a pickup with a bed cap, so why not go camping,,,and use the truckstops,,havent been out there in some time, but my old gps has got a lot of truck-stops stored away, so why not camp in a truck-stop, my truck will blend in just fine... its a start and where do I have to be anyway,,,lol I know,,your saying,,what in the Zell is he thinking? Well I tell ya, I have stopped all that thinking , just in the drifting mode,,if I get sick,,take me to a VA hospital,,,lol....have credit cards, will travel........
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It’s a great idea. Many drivers share good picnic locations. You should join such a group. I also like to travel. It is my way of getting rid of daily stress. Nothing compares to cooking food in the fresh air near mountains or lakes. Therefore, I purchased a Uno Casa sandwich maker one week ago. Btw, what is the most beautiful and memorable place for you? I managed to get out into the forest three months ago. I did not particularly appreciate such freedom before the quarantine restrictions. Fortunately, everything is in the past. I hope I will be able to catch up soon.


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Sounds like a good plan! If I were you, I would do that and would not have to pay for camping places. The main point is to be in nature; it doesn’t matter where your car is.