Obstacles to just working seasonal? - Sprinter van concierge delivery for snow birds?


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The idea is a sub 10,000 LB Sprinter Van and the service is custom moving for snow birds.

I arrive at the house in Tampa, i load the Gold Wing, kayaks, artwork, plants, and fluffy the dog. All the stuff that's big, expensive and hard to ship.

Couple days later i deliver it to their house in Nashua. I do this as many times as I can in May and November.

The rest of the year the van is for personal use.

So what's the fatal flaw? Can i get short term commercial insurance? How much federal DOT stuff do i have to deal with?
No logbook, no scales no HOS right ?

But i do need DOT numbers for interstate, right?


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No log, no scale, no HOS, you will need a DOT number because you are charging a fee, interstate commerce, flaw is possibly insurance IDK what you need to carry for vans, you can always cancel insurance anytime.