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It is a huge privilege to have joined this forum. I am very new to expediting and I hope to gain from the wealth of experience in this forum.
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Thanks, need some advise to start.
My advise to everyone is to read back 5 years in the General, Newbie and Recruiter forums. Read every single thread title for 5 years. Any thread that sounds remotely educational or applies to your and your situation read everything in it. That will give you enough basic education to know what to ask about and what you need to learn more about. Good luck.


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Thanks for your response. Please do you have any advise for me to start? I have a 2017 Ford transit medium roof.
Of course, its a bit late now, but i would have found that out before purchasing the van.

Follow the advice LDB gave and also make it a point to go to the expedite expo.

Good luck in your endeavors.