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It's a Team's Life Look at those lights

Discussion in 'Expediter Blogs' started by chillout, Jan 30, 2018.

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    Feb 26, 2001
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    '95 Integra
    Old man winter is here in many parts of the country and clearing of our lights is even more important when we have LED's.

    This is something often not thought about, LED lights and winter driving. I believe LED lights are one of the best improvements to come to the trucking industry in a long time. They last longer, they are brighter and draw less power than comparable incandescent lamps. This will save you money and time as the maintenance costs are less.

    I would imagine that if the DOT violations concerning inoperative lamps were divided into LED vs incandescent, LED violations would be very few. One thing about LED’s is they create very little heat, this is one reason they last so long. Because they do not get warm they will not melt ice buildup like an incandescent lamp will.

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