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KIX - Fuse 30 Reblown Review


Expert Expediter
If you know 80s Rock, then the moment you read KIX you thought “Don’t Close Your Eyes”, and that’s pretty much it. The End.

KIX was a great 80s band that was drowned out by other great 80s bands. Not many people, even hardcore 80s fans, really jumped on the KIX train, and who could blame them? There was a new train it seemed every month.

This “unique” situation has created a unique idea.

KIX has completely remixed their “Blow My Fuse” record.

...well, what’s unique about that?

What’s unique is you get a second chance to hop on the train. Gone is the high pitch grainy reverb that congested almost every 80s record. You can hear the BASS. You actually hear it, lol.

This record gives a second chance at a First impress. Get on Apple Music/etc and give it a listen. You’re driving for hours, you have nothing better to do, and you just may enjoy this!
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