June, Crossroads To Vacation


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Good morning!!!

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US Air Force
Heh he hit me with Maumee, OH to Fairfield, OH at a good rate and 45 miles home after...was tired by time I was done but all in all was almost a BillG week.

Be team with pops after shutdown. Then we will see about keeping up with WOM and MrsWOM

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And Murray will run you thru ALL 48 (available) states!

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Veteran Expediter
Really. Thank you soooooo much to ALL of TEAM Crossroads Express!!!
Every one of you are the best team members we've ever had.
You're professional and patient.
We all know this industry could stand about HALF the number of vans out there. But if that half were just like you guys, the expedite life would be cake. Customers, shippers and consigneees ALL have positive experiences with you.

And a team like we have NOW is exactly why Sally & I are so very glad we did this and are quite proud of our team.

Now, enjoy the Summer 2017 CRE Shutdown and get some fun in there!!!

See you Tuesday 7/18 08:00!!!!!

****Oh, another big thanks to all the kick arse brokers that helped feed the crew so far this year. Some of them have a presence here on EO and we obviously couldn't do this without you entrusting your freight with our team.

Thank you!!

Murray & Sally

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