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July it is


Veteran Expediter
Motor Carrier Executive
US Army
I just celebrated 16 years with them . With that.... another day. Another. Off to see customers in Chicago!

Got some great new moves on our sales team. Excited with some new additions and realignments. While other carrriers are slashing people and costs we are investing forward in the big picture.

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Veteran Expediter
Hello there my Load One people! Yes it's been awhile and everything is going good. Had to deal with family issues and just got out of habit of coming on here. Hoping to be more on here now.
I'm sitting here at a RV dealership getting a new rooftop ac put on. My new Coleman Mach 8 15K went out last week :(. I will be working my way to the expo. Want to see what's going on there this year and see everybody!