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Is it worth getting into Expediting right now


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Curious on the market...Is it worth getting into the business at the moment or is it dead? Any help is appreciated

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I got out in early 2019... the fact that nobody is replying should be cause enough for concern to stay the hell out ....unless you have a nice stash of cash like $100k + and want to see the country while getting paid.....absolutely loved my time with BOLT and it killed me to quit.... Economics said otherwise a side note... if you are truly committed to make this work and have the necessary cash reserve or close to it now could be the best time to get in make a name for yourself get established with a said company it's management and dispatch personnel and procedures.... endure the short term pain and set yourself up for longer term success.... just be prepared for that short term pain... and FREEDOM/Adventure that entices most of us into the business
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I would first go out a learn the ropes before you invest money into your equipment, insurance, etc. Work for someone and drive their stuff first till the end of January 2021 at least. The economy is to unstable right now for many reasons but one because of its an election year - happens all the time, so let that aspect play out.
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None or not many say they are worn out from driving or what they make anymore. Its been years since they talked about great runs and money..but then again, drivers could be talking to each other and just dont post it here for various reasons..