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I'm quitting.


Seasoned Expediter
Just a FYI fellas I will be quitting this forum. Its time to pass the torch. Greasy did it for years and I was trying to hold down the fort. I see now that the site is advertising in the posts and pretty much everywhere on the site. I get it, you got to keep the $ rolling in to keep the site up. Unfortunately I dont get anything for helping out you guys with Hino issues. It is getting to the point that it is taking up quite a bit of time I could be using for personal advancements in my own career. I enjoyed assisting those of you that I could help, but feel I need to be rewarded for my time and not have someone else make money off it. I will temporally be reachable by at my email [email protected]. Thanks to all


Veteran Expediter
The new adds are annoying .... just my 2 cents.
Best of luck ....