How are you surviving the new rates?


Seasoned Expediter's been several weeks since the new rates have kicked in, so how are you making out? As for me, we are surviving better than I expected with the new rates. Yes, we get alot of the $1.05 loads BUT we have also gotten several that paid alot more than that. We are still getting a good fuel surcharge rate AND I have noticed that there has been a small, steady increase in freight. All in all, we are surviving and thriving. Personally, I see things just getting better and better....not just for tri-state but for all freight in general. We all just have to keep those belts tightened and run smart. We CAN survive and thrive!!! :)


Seasoned Expediter
The new rates hurt us, but like I said before, if we had more loads we would be fine with them.

My husband and I came back into service two weeks ago after a two week vacation. We haven't received a team load yet, and wonder if this is the current trend or if we are caught in a rut. A dispatcher told us today that there is a severe lack of loads in general, but you seem to be moving along.

Teams do seem to be dwindling on the board, though, and it has us worried.

Six of the seven load offers we've had are GE loads with no FSC. We've taken all but the one we refused today. Maybe we're stuck in a GE black hole.


Veteran Expediter
Surviving is about it, If we can make it thur this year with out a Major repair we might make it. I dont see any great improvement in loads, I have had some ok weeks, But we also have had some really Bads ones also.