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Hey ladies, is this really true.


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Retired Expediter
US Navy
Andy Taylor: You date one woman all the time and pretty soon people start taking you for granted. They don't say, "Let's invite Andy," or "Let's invite Elly." No, they say. "Let's invite Andy and Elly!" See, then it's "Andy and Elly"; "Elly and Andy". A then, that's when that woman gets her claws into you!

True story, me: So I start dating this lady,shes 54 and Im 66, ps, stop laughing.

So we go out a few times and she starts wanting to feed me dessert when we order dessert, yep we are sit'n next to each other(my first mistake). It was ok the 2nd time too, but then I got to think'n, this is get'n to close for comfort. Long story short, we still date, but now I sit across from her and that ended that feeding me dessert thingie. You're never to old to learn.....guess I better call up X2 from now on, she won't feed me dessert, but still makes me pay for dinner, whats a boy to I'm thinking, I gotta quit this, I might get my stories mixed up and call the other one by the wrong name, now that's another dilema. Life goes on...