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good or bad ?

Discussion in 'FedEx Custom Critical' started by Jeepers, Mar 3, 2015.

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    Yes its un-folding, Jeepers. But didn't get that Slice of the Pie. Far as Trailers the new ones are Dynamite with the S700 they don't have that damper door stick problem when the TCU goes into Defrost like the 310+ 330+ and 310 and 210+ models which are out dated. The Bigger Core and the new Defrost cut out to the Squirrel Cage set up was induced much like the air switch on the carriers. Set up good But what they need to now work on is More Customers. Another thing the Hang / Hold time for Customer calls needs to be addressed or fix the bugs. Do away with the Automation and go back to the old way lot less missed calls. College Boys pay head. so any way how that western Star outa Arizona and when you going to update your reefer to a Thermo king S700 I do Believe the Pendulum has swung in to Thermo-Kings Favor. I did a Sub Zero load and [deleted] it pulled down to from 80F to -21F in 3 hours that quick. I have yet to see a Carrier do that quick yet. Not Even Jenny the Reefer I Pulled for Bill G. was that quick. I have ran a lot of Reefers and I will say this Impressive.... What's not impressive is the lack of freight out here. Weather your Team or Single. I here they got long mile loads outa Cal to Alaska and long mile loads from CA to GA and Florida. Average 38,000 ta 39000 that's with don-age included (pallets) Produce. They ought to get a slice of that pie. Anchorage Alaska or GA Peach or Florida Yes I will go. Pay good money as well. Well You got my old Co driver I see have a safe one Peace.
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