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Good Auto Auction?

Discussion in 'The Loading Dock' started by ftp000, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. ftp000

    ftp000 Expert Expediter

    Feb 13, 2006
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    Anybody know of a good auto auction in or around North or South Carolina? Preferably one that allows the general public to buy and sells repo's and the like. I need to make the money I'm getting from totaling my Ram go a long way and all the auctions I'm finding are loaded with cars brought by dealers, which is gonna mean high milage trade ins that they can't move off the lots. Or if somebody has a vendors license and would be willing to help that would be nice (obviously), the Carolina thing is flexible, like most of you we can be just about anywhere.
  2. Brisco

    Brisco Expert Expediter

    Sep 15, 2009
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    Look for a CoParts Auto Auction in your area that allows Individuals like yourself to buy and sell at their locations.

    Copart | Company Info | Facilities

    CoParts specializes in wrecked/salvage vehicles. But, it also depends on your states regulations as to whether they offer Auction Services for buyers & sellers without the proper licensing. Look at the map in the link, there's several locations in and around N & S Carolina.
    • jjoerger

      jjoerger Veteran Expediter Owner/Operator US Army

      Feb 1, 2009
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      Load One
      Straight Truck
      Do you really need to own a car?
      If you are not home often and then only for a few days or a week consider renting a car for a week from someone like Enterprise.
      No maintenance, depreciation or monthly insurance bills. And you get to drive something different each time.
      Just a thought.
    • matlack

      matlack Seasoned Expediter

      Jan 13, 2009
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      FedEx Custom Critical
      The banks sometimes have repos for sale to the public.
      Rental car companies also sell to the general public, some even have separate sale lots.

      Off Lease autos are first offered in the bigger Auto Auctions like Mannheim, Odessa, Greensboro AA, to Factory Dealerships. After that a separate Auction generally on another day that offers the leftovers to Auto Wholesalers and Used Car Dealers.

      These Auctions are for not open the public... But if you ask around in your area you might find a dealer to buy a car for you for a fee or tagging along by offering to drive a car to auction for the dealer.
      Another option is to pay a dealer to purchase online a "Certified" vehicle from an Auction.

      Mendenhall auto auction is open to the public but I would stay away from them.

      A couple of auto auction terms;
      Highline sale is premium, Factory Sale is for Dealerships only, Ironman and Bone-Yard lanes are wrecks or need work, Green Light is all paperwork (title) is ready/present, Red light is paperwork or other issues on the vehicle EG will not pass inspection, etc.
      Most vehicles must be arbitrated within the hour of the sale if the dealer/buyer finds an issue that was not announced.
      There are Auction Fees for the Dealer/Buyer and to the Seller even if the vehicle is not sold.
      Only registered Dealers with ID badges are allowed in the lanes during the Auction...GAA is very strict about that.
      Don't even think of bringing a camera or taking a picture w/camera phone on Auction Property.

      In case anyone is wondering; After pulling Tankers for Matlack, I drove Car Carriers for the Auto Auctions.

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