General ST Info Thread?


Expert Expediter
Is there a thread for ST that is like the "the cargo van expediter" thread? It's a killer thread for new van drivers. How about one for New ST drivers? And TT drivers? Particularly ones coming from regular long haul trucking? I remember doing all that waiting was just BRUTAL when I first went to expedite (well, there was a lot of waiting with my first, local expediter too, but I was at home every time I was waiting for a load). How do ST wait times compare to CV waits, and TT waits?

It'd be awesome to have those, particularly as stickys.

There probably is, but my search fu (and time) is weak.



Veteran Expediter
Depends on what size equipment your driving,and what company your with.When I was with FDCC I always had a 1 or 2 day wait,except in the busy times.with Tri State,don't get to sit around much,they keep a tractor very busy,not sure about straight trucks,as I'm in a tractor.