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Hello! I was going to get my CDL class A License but I found out expediting seems a lot easier considering you only need a Class B and you can drive a sprinter van. My main question is how do I find a fleet and can expediting only be done with a team or can I do it solo driving? Thank you!


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You love traveling and decide you want to be a plumber, lab technician, dental hygienist, barber, real estate broker, or maybe paralegal. What is the first thing you do? You go to school and study and learn all you can over many months. Then you finally know enough to be dangerous but capable so you can proceed. So, if you want to be an expediter the first thing you do is go to expediter school.

That's here, on EO. You read back a minimum of 5 years in the General, Newbie and Recruiter forums. You read every single thread title as you studiously work your way back. If the thread title sounds like it is in any way the least bit pertinent to your expediting goals you read every word in that thread. That will take you several weeks minimum. Once you've done that you'll know enough to know how much you don't know but you'll know enough to ask the right questions to learn more of what you need to know.

Expediting is FAR more than opening the doors to allow someone to load freight into your vehicle and turning the ignition key to drive off down the road. You won't become any of those other career options without major studying and training. This is no different if you want to succeed. The turnover rate for expediting is often greater than 100% because too many people think it's just turn the ignition key and go. Good luck.
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