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POLL Fitness Club Membership

Discussion in 'Trucking Fit & Fit to Live' started by Lawrence, Jan 7, 2016.

Health Club Membership

  1. YMCA

  2. LA Fitness

  3. Anytime Fitness

  4. Planet Fitness

  5. Crunch

  6. Gold's Gym

  7. 24 HR Fitness

  8. Lifetime Fitness

  9. Snap Fitness

  10. Other

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  1. Dallen323

    Dallen323 Active Expediter Driver

    Jan 9, 2014
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    Straight Truck
    Regardless of what gym you pick. The main thing is to use it as often as possible. The sedentary lifestyle on the road is terrible for your health. Especially in the winter months. It's way too easy to go from driver's seat to diner to sleeper without much activity in between.
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  2. traacker

    traacker Active Expediter Researching

    Jul 7, 2016
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    So far it looks my strategy is remaining in tack. My van work has begun and I now have 120vac 2000wrms and 4000wpeak available to work with off of my 220A HD alternator that came as an option when I bought the T-350 9500# Ford Transit.

    I shall be going on the road next week, sadly for family health reasons, sib is sick, not expediting.

    Not sure if I shall have a membership by then, but seems like pulling the trigger on PF is pretty well priced and managing it seems viable, sustainable. Last I looked, 3 years ago, they had a membership issue with folks because it had to be monthly; was not possible to just pay the fee annually. I passed on it then because of it, even though AF was so much more expensive.

    Guess I'm over that, but hate loose ends that require so much in the background memory requirements; monthly checklist of must be dones, expediting shall be taxing for me that way. Even with autopay stuff, seems to breed unexpected issues...:(
    • ucfd608

      ucfd608 Veteran Expediter Owner/Operator

      Mar 21, 2016
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      What is the monthly price to planet fitness we was looking into doin it to work out an tan

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    • dc843

      dc843 Seasoned Expediter Researching

      May 21, 2016
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      Planet Fitness is $10 a month for the basic one club membership, just access to working out at one gym.

      $20 a month gets you in any of the 1000+ clubs across the country and you can do all those silly little extra things like massages and tans.

      The only thing that seems to suck (for me anyway) is how accomindating they are to out of shape people...they have all these bells and whistles so you dont get uncomfortable being around people who have earned being in great shape. That whole lunk alarm thing...give me a break

      If you ask me $20 a month is worth it just for the showers you can get there and not having to be a slave to truck stops points system. Youll make that $20 back easy by being able to get gas/diesel at the cheapest stations possible ( trip planner) vs just the cheapest flyingj/pilot.

      Its also probably a good idea to get something set up in your truck/van for times when you cant make the gym, i have a set of adjustable dumbbells that you add plates to, a good 60-70lbs for each dumbbell and using my load lock bar for pull ups, chin ups, inverted push ups, etc, and i can get a full workout just like if i was at the gym.

      Im wondering if there is any other gym chains that rival PF in terms of accessability on the road?

      edit: oops didnt realize there was a first page sorry for the redundency...i didnt realize anytime fitness had so many locations i may go with that.
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