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Cross the Road to October


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US Air Force
We got a load out of OKC with time to swing by home and attend a golf outing we always play in, now on the road to finish off OKC to Hampton, VA. 1,360 LDD at a good rate even with detour. Be nice to catch a coast to coast out of VA tomorrow.

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Bet ya' it's killing Ntimevan that he can't post here

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Hell, I can change that. MOD. Unless it's against the rules, let Ntimevan post here on CRE. Now, Ntime, be sweet or I will put it out for vote if you get kicked off the CRE island. You're fun, though! Why not let you visit the CRE family. It's kinda like having you over for a BBQ on Independence Day!!


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And I'm not exclusionary. I hope that's obvious. Past CRE team members, I blocked a few of you without really caring if you posted here or not. As long as everyone plays nice, I don't care who PLAYS along. Text me if you give a crap and want to get back on the CRE fun island. But FLYINGVAN gets in whether he wants to or not. Chip is team, like it or not.

**edit** I may have had a couple of drinks tonight while waiting for Spectrum to send some bandwidth back our way. Grrrr.
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