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Another new driver believes the Hype on expediting.


Seasoned Expediter
Update on my friend. Talked to him 2 days ago said he went to get truck and took his Harley etc. and test drove truck . Said it looked real pretty but had one heck of a shimmy in front and needed new rubber all around. Tranny and motor was strong and blew heater hose.

Salesman would not budge an inch on price of 22,500 and wanted his Harley for 7500(worth 10-12k) so he walked .

Still telling me Fed Ex CC has a maintenance plan that costs 135.00/week and if motor needs replaced they pay for it. I told him everyone on EO that works for Fed EX CC says never heard of program and he also says he is not talking about Fed EX
Ground. So not sure what is going on there.

Said his current gig has not paid them for 4 wks so is driving local for 12/hr to bring something in.