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A little help, please


Expert Expediter
I keep getting email offers from a company called MY VIRTUAL FLEET. This company claims to have many loads for cargo vans and sprinter type vehicles. However, the cost to join and be a member of the board seems to be a little high, plus the requirements to join almost put it out of reach. Anyone know anything about the company? Before I put a lot of monies into a black hole, I want to do a little research and hear from some folks. Thanks.


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Fleet Manager
They are getting loads off the load boards for you. They do not have the loads themselves, if they did, there would not be a fee, they would dispatch you on them and take a percentage like a normal broker. Stay away from a place like this. If you do not have your own authority, then join a fleet, like landstar, ect, and get loads from them. Paying for a service that requires you have your own authority and insurance is not any good unless you are already setup. If you need more info, just let me know.
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