2013 268A DPF issues


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Hello I have a 2013 Hino 268A. 210,000 miles. DPR Check and SCR Malfunction lights are on. And beeping.
Took to the dealer. They said that the DPF filter was completely melted and gone. And that the SCR - DPF - DOC had to be replaced. Around $15000 to replace all three. Does that sound right?
Found another 268A that is same year that was totaled. Only 55000 miles. My question is would it be ok to swap out the whole system? Thanks for any help.


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That's plausible for sure, I've seen it happen. PM me your vin and let me check your warranty history. If it did fail, something made it fail such as overfueling injectors, a mis adjusted exhaust brake or an issue with the Atomization module overfueling. Without fixing the root cause your going to end up back in the same situation. Swapping out components is ok but your not 100% your not getting someone else's junk. If you have pics or an estimate PM them to me and I can look them over. 15k is not out of the ballpark if there replacing DPR, DOC, SCR misc bolts gasket's and labor. Warranty pays 5.3hours to replace all 3 components. I quote customers 7 but were in the rust belt. If you add up the diagnostic time. Id say your right there. Send me the codes, vin, pics and I can help further from there.
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Hey! It's good that you've found another 268A that is the same year but with less miles; swapping out the whole system from that vehicle may be a good idea.