xpo express

  1. M

    Good company to lease under

    Newbie to sprinters and considering Bolt Express or XPO to lease under.....!!! I'm working 144wb sprinter about 129.5 length about 2 pallets. Is one better than the other? Any suggestions to consider?
  2. Tee's Delivery Service

    XPO Express

    Hi all, After 5 years, I am considering coming back to expediting. I got an offer from ES to run their st8 truck for XPO Express. My question is, do any of you have experience with XPO? Do they keep trucks moving? Are they a good company for solos?
  3. B

    Big Truck XPO Logistics....

    I spent two days in a hotel because I had a 976 mile run going to Lyndhurst ,NJ this Monday. Got to the shipper to find the dispatcher who got me this load didn't do the measurements right. There was 20 small 30"x33" (I think) pallets. I could only fit 18. Dry run. They called in a bigger...