1. Wildflower

    Receipt Scanning App

    Does anyone here use a receipt scanning/sorting app on your phone to keep up with receipts? There are several out there that look good, including Expensify, QuickBook Self Employed, and Receipts by Wave. I am specifically looking for one that will sort receipts for 2 separate businesses. If you...
  2. T

    Big Truck Newbie Financial Advice (taxes, expenses, etc.)

    Hello All, Myself and partner will be driving Class B expediting for a fleet owner. I was wondering about taxes, expenses, and the financial side of the equation - the best way to handle such affairs. Will I be an independent contractor, not a w2 wage-earning employee? What's the best legal...
  3. Pakrat

    I need a new tax guy...

    So seriously. Just found out that Franklin Katz died a few months ago. Been using him happily for 5 years. Can anyone recommend someone?
  4. Lawrence

    2017 Tax Changes

    Generally by now Frank (RIP) would have given us a tax update. Here is some basic 2017 info: 5 Tax Changes for 2017 You'll Want to Know About
  5. Lawrence

    Tax Deductions

    Possible Deductions for Taxes Accounting fees Amortization Bad debts that you cannot collect Banking fees Building repairs and maintenance Business association membership dues Computers and tech supplies Consulting fees Continuing education for yourself to maintain licensing and improve skills...