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straight truck

  1. S

    Big Truck Straight truck, What to expect?

    I have a job lined up for 25 percent of the load as a company driver (ranging 1000 bucks per load +-) going to as far as 8 hours away cross border from where I live. How does that rate sound for a new inexperienced DZ driver? What are some things i need to expect? Any advice or things ill need...
  2. L

    Looking for strait truck loads in houston tx

    Hi, I'm looking for loads in the houston area
  3. Lawrence

    Medium-Duty Sales Rise Slightly in March

    More Positive news. Medium-Duty Sales Rise Slightly in March
  4. Charmaine

    Not getting paid?!

    Hey guys, Considering going back OTR solo as straight truck. I originally applied with panther and did my research on other companies as well. I see the common topic of not getting paid on time or at all. Could someone give decent companies to look at. I don’t need any rainbows and gumdrop when...
  5. E

    New to Straight Trucks

    I've been driving a sprinter van that my brother owns for a bit but I was looking to drive small or large straights instead. I'm 20 and live in Knoxville,TN. 1.) Are there any companies that lease or rent straights? I look for my own loads so I just need a truck. If anyone knows any way I can...
  6. Pigeon Post

    Setting a straight w/26" sleeper for expediting

    Ever done it, and can you share what you did? Inverter, generator, a/c, heater, TV, mini-fridge? I want to see how comfortable I can make my M2 and I'd love to hear anyone's experience.
  7. Tee's Delivery Service

    XPO Express

    Hi all, After 5 years, I am considering coming back to expediting. I got an offer from ES to run their st8 truck for XPO Express. My question is, do any of you have experience with XPO? Do they keep trucks moving? Are they a good company for solos?
  8. Lawrence

    This Straight Truck...

  9. M

    New to it, need help from honest people

    I live in Washington Pa, right along I70, and have been a CDL B driver for 15 years. I have a B/M with tanker, hazmat, passenger, endorsements, no tickets, no dot's, no accidents, nothing. No criminal record, and a Veteran of the Marine Corps, 20 years. I currently drive a fuel truck in the...
  10. Pro3500

    Straight truck for sale

    Anyone know this truck? looking at a purchase, the miles are high. Knowing some history would help. Thanks in advance.