1. T

    Canada Sprinter Insurance ( Canada)

    Hello there, I am looking for a new insurance company for my Sprinter. It has been difficult to find a deal in Ontario. Please help if you have recommendations. Thanks!!
  2. J

    Newbie needs to know must haves for the road.

    Im hitting the road next week, expediting regionally (if you consider regional as expediting) in the northeast in a 2014 Sprinter 2500. Are there any things (tools, accessories etc.) that I need to always have in the van. I welcome any advice that others wish they knew before they started. Thank...
  3. ebmnm77

    How much can you make as a Sprinter/ small box truck owner operator?

    Hi I am curious what to expect as a owner operator of a sprinter / small box truck(16-20ft) . I have been doing deliveries with amazon in a sprinter for almost a year now making about 40k a year. I am considering buying a sprinter or small box truck in hopes of earning more. Its so hard to find...
  4. TheSwine

    Looking for Sprinter Fleet Owner

    Hello Everyone, I have been reading and have applied to a few spots on here for a sprinter/cargo van driver. I am interested in OTR or local. I am trying to get my feet wet here and go from there. Bit of a background: I have drove straight trucks and box trucks cross country OTR for a few...
  5. L

    Best way forward

    Hello, There is tons of information here but some of it can be overwhelming and we need some personalized information. I already see loads I can haul on DAT etc but I'm unsure of the legal requirements. (MC# DOT# etc) I'd like to get to work as quickly and with as little headache as possible...
  6. S

    Hydraulics to lift rear end of Ford Transit 350 XL?

    Hi all, I heard this forum might be a good place to ask for some advice. I have a Transit 350 XL Cargo, and I installed a Tommy Gate lift gate on the back. However unfortunately the extended overhang on the back plus the added gate structure underneath means less clearance, so whenever I hit...
  7. V

    5 Sprinter Vans - 2018 Financial Results are In

    Hi Guys, I'm pretty new to Expediting, less than 2 years. Have 5 vans, one MB Sprinter and 4 Transits. Here are my results for 2018. Not sure if it's worth it due to amount off stress on me and my family. Total miles, empty and loaded - 834,000 Revenue $ 626,500 Expenses Depreciation...
  8. coastline

    Michigan o/o Transit mid-roof for local work

    New o/o in Michigan looking for regular local work ie Traverse City to Grand Rapids, Detroit to Holland, Grand Rapids to Indianapolis / Chicago etc. Smaller/shorter regular trips. New 2018 Transit Mid-roof 148" WB. Anticipated available date May 25, 2018 $1 mil liability & 100k cargo,
  9. coastline

    DOT physical for sprinter

    I have been involved in passenger transportation for 19 yrs. I am looking to change to sprinter/cargo van service. What companies do not require a DOT physical for Sprinter/Cargo van work? DOT regs do not require physicals for GVW >10,000 but it appears many companies do. Thanks in advance.
  10. Solar

    Cargo Van Best Van to Buy

    I’m posting this in the noob section because it’s such a noob question. I had 6 months experience in a Dodge/Mercedes 2500 diesel Sprinter Van. I loved the taller ceiling. I hated every time there was an issue it was a problem finding a diesel mechanic to even work on it, and no matter what, it...
  11. A

    Sprinter van newbie - status?

    Hello everyone!! I have been researching on sprinter van driving for a couple months and keep reading contradicting information. The owner operator guys that I know that do it say that they make about $1/mile, have plenty of work, pretty easy flow, etc.. I keep reading that it has gotten worse...
  12. Pyndyk

    2017 MB Sprinter extended warranty

    Hi, just picked up new extended Sprinter. Dealer is offering extended bumbper to bumper warranty until 175K miles, zero duductable. The cost is approx $3,700 Does it worth the cost? We will be putting about 150K per year.
  13. Ibrahim chukadze

    Cargo Van Dayton Ohio Owner/Operator Looking for work

    Hi everyone I tried to apply to all the companies listed here on website but most of them have age limit for the van it's just doesn't make seance to me why??? anyways .. I own 2008 dodge sprinter 2500 3.0l 170wb high roof , 16 ft cargo space , new engine installed 1 week ago it's in good...
  14. Lawrence

    Expediter Cargo Vans May See An Increase...

    Best news I've read yet out of the ELD mandate... Expeditors anticipate growth when ELD mandate hits The looming ELD mandate that requires every commercial truck over 10,000 lbs to be equipped with an electronic logging device starting next month is one of the biggest trucking stories of 2017...
  15. Lawrence

    Electric Expediter Vans

    With Ryder System, Inc. announcing it has begun taking delivery of its first 125 Chanje V8070 all-electric commercial panel vans, what's different about this Class 5 vehicle aimed squarely at last-mile, urban and metro-area delivery? Does it and other electric trucks have any real chance to...
  16. Lawrence

    Sprinter Vans: Electric Truck Company Chanje Has A Plan To Clean Up Urban Freight

    Interesting read from Fast Company: Electric Truck Company Chanje Has A Plan To Clean Up Urban Freight While Tesla develops an electric semi-truck–which may be in production by 2019 or 2020–a startup has designed another type of electric delivery truck for city use, and it’s ready now. By this...
  17. Lawrence

    Throwback Thursday: Cargo Van Revenue in 1995

    TBT: Here's what life and revenue looked (moi) like in a Expediter Cargo Van in 1995. Not too often you get see to the whole picture. :smilie:
  18. A3gis21

    Cargo Van New To Expediting

    So I was just offered a job driving a Sprinter Van by a friend of mine who owns a fleet. The pay is okay, so I decided to take it. I have prior experience driving a tractor trailer, though I haven't driven one in over 7 or 8 years. So I kind of know how being on the road works. I was wanting to...
  19. Lawrence

    Mercedes-Benz Vision Cargo Van Uses Drones to Deliver Packages

    Interesting. Mercedes-Benz Vision Concept Van Uses Drones to Deliver Packages | Trucks.com
  20. Lawrence

    They call it a Tour Band Van But It Looks Like An Expediter...

    Hey, not so fast! LOL! This looks like an Expediter Van! :JC-LOL: