sprinter van

  1. D

    Sprinter Van Aux Battery

    I have a 2020 Sprinter. I do not have an aux battery. I want to put one in the space provided under hood. I also want to connect it to main battery to charge it as I drive (cut off switch when stopped). I also want to hook up an inverter 2000w to aux battery to charge at same time for additional...
  2. M

    Good company to lease under

    Newbie to sprinters and considering Bolt Express or XPO to lease under.....!!! I'm working 144wb sprinter about 129.5 length about 2 pallets. Is one better than the other? Any suggestions to consider?
  3. B

    Current State of Sprinter Expediting

    Hello, I have been reading previous threads about it not being a good time for expedite. Those threads were from the beginning months of the year to the late months last year. There aren't current mid year month threads giving a consensus of expedite as it is now. To not just ask the question...
  4. M

    Cargo Van Laredo, TX

    Any cargo van/sprinter fleet owners looking for someone to run loads to Laredo, TX??
  5. mknt201

    Sprinter van loads with Panther

    Hello Does anyone know what kind loads Panther logistics offers for owners op on printer van? Please give me.some feedback I been thinking about joining them.