1. Lawrence

    Road Dogs

    One of the benefits of this business is obviously seeing the sites as you move freight. One of my favs was (and still is) visiting hot dog joints. Here's a great list to start with....
  2. Lawrence

    Worst Bottleneck Road You've Seen....

    Is it 80/94 in Chicago? GW Bridge? Please share for a future article....
  3. Lawrence

    Sharing the big road be like...

    A little road courtesy goes along way these days.... :smuggrin:
  4. Lawrence

    Who's at Fault?

    Take a look at this road rage incident from the other day. Who's at fault?
  5. Lawrence

    The Most Beautiful Spot in Every U.S. State

    I'm booking marking this link.... The Most Beautiful Spot in Every U.S. State Here in Kentucky it's the Cumberland Gap Park. I would agree with that....