1. nfougere

    Higher mileage Promaster

    So I'm interested in getting this 2016 3500 Promaster for a great deal and with lots of paperwork included of maintenance records. My question is do companies refuse higher mileage trucks to run with them? Truck runs and looks great except for a scratch along the right side but nothing that...
  2. D

    Load Boards for ProMasters

    Looking for decent load boards for ProMaster size freight. We started out a month ago and are working as an IC with a company out of Milwaukee. The only problem is that we deadhead back to the midwest every time. We are thinking that load boards could help us out - but we are having trouble...
  3. Opel2010

    Cargo Van ProMaster headlights

    Does anyone know where from I can get some aftermarket headlights for ProMaster? I checked already the net, yet the only place with a reasonable price, even if they claim it's the right model, the one in the picture does not look at all as one for PM...
  4. GuyUpNorth

    Promaster box truck

    I saw this box truck at the J in Dallas. It looks like it has a roof top sleeper and a canvas box. Seems like with the canvas box you could keep the weight way down and also fit a variety of oddball sized freight. Similiar to the yellow Penske's only legal. Anyone have any experience with...