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Load Boards for ProMasters


New Recruit
Looking for decent load boards for ProMaster size freight.

We started out a month ago and are working as an IC with a company out of Milwaukee. The only problem is that we deadhead back to the midwest every time. We are thinking that load boards could help us out - but we are having trouble finding loads that would fit a ProMaster by weight (<4000 lbs) or size (13 ft cargo area).

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Veteran Expediter
Myself i would look for a different company to lease onto ... one with loads going both ways ...
Load boards ... unless you have your own Authority and all Proper insurance and 10 or more vans and $250,000. in the bank and able to wait 45 to 60 days to get paid for freight hauled ... i would pass ...
But this was MY opinion ....

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Staff member
Expediting isn't like general trucking, where you have lots of load board with lots of loads, most posted days or weeks in advance. What few expedite load boards that are out there are for established carriers (like ntimevan said, with their own authority and all of the proper insurance) who can pull the trigger and do a pickup like right now. The very few expedite loads that make it to the public load boards are snapped up within seconds of posting.