1. U

    Where do I post Expedite loads? I'm a broker

    Hi, I'm new here and wanted to ask you guys a quick question. I am a small broker with daily expedite loads and I wanted to check where can I post my loads? Sylectus expedite load board does not accept new brokers, so I'm not sure where to post my expedite loads. Any advise would be much...
  2. Lawrence

    My last load was to....

    So where did you deliver your most recent load too? Peoria? Pittsburgh? Laredo? 10-4
  3. Lawrence


    On a scale of 1 - 5. 5 being the best. How is the freight? Are you moving? Deadheading? With my ear to the ground I'm hearing it's a solid: 3
  4. BenzSprinter2500


    I have my own mc and dot looking for drivers with sprinters and experience 2 years EXPEDITING industry.
  5. Lawrence

    Good News...Did you feel it?

    Truck Tonnage Climbs in May Didja?