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hino 195

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    Ive owned a few gas cube vans as a contractor for decades and want to get back into it. Bought a 2012 Hino 195 last week with 300 k kms on it. It'll be in an independent diesel shop for a few weeks having work done from springs to def to get it saftied. Im not particularly mechanical and this...
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    Hino 155 Engines

    Have been seriously looking around for a small Japanese cab over truck. I am budget conscious. The sooner I learn from some others experiences the better re this. From what I see on the net the Hino 155 had the 173 hp engine from 2009 to 2011 and then in 2012 started dropping in the JO5E (210...
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    Can anyone enlighten me about the system re. the wear sensor for the rear disc brakes on a Hino 195. so- is this as complicated as the 20 ,,,,,,,dollar cable that plugs into the brake pad and is often disabled by twisting the two wires together,, to fool the light on the dash? Or.. If someone...
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    Ive owned an older Isuzu npr gasser. Came to love the feel of sitting up high, exceptional visibility and maneuverability. Found a high mileage(382,000 km/..230 k Miles?)Hino cabover in Quebec, It's a 2013 195 Penske truck so Im hopeful it's in reasonable shape.... It's what I can afford, and I...