1. Lawrence

    New Location! Expedite Expo 2019!

    What do you do when your old Convention Center eliminates truck parking and is being torn down to build a new one? YOU FIND A NEW ONE!!!!
  2. Lawrence

    Recruiters? Used Car Salesman?

    See you in Lexington! Register Now!
  3. ADBrouse

    For those going to Expedite Expo

    Hey drivers! As a 30 year resident of Lexington ,KY.. I would like to extend greetings to everyone here that will be attending the Expo. .yes, there are truck routs right through middle of town to the civic center / freedom hall expo center. IF you are coming from the south, take I-75 Exit...
  4. Lawrence

    Expedite Expo Expedite Expo 2016 - What's in it for YOU!

    Here are some features we put in the show with YOU - our EO community in mind. It's hard to believe the Expo is almost here! We're super excited about our new venue in Lexington this year and wanted to let you know about a few happenings. 1. Expediter City - Tailgating Area No more parking on...
  5. Lawrence

    Shhh...Insider Tip for the Expo

    One of the many reasons we re-located the Expedite Expo from Ohio to Lexington was for additional hotel rooms for our attendees and exhibitors. At our previous location we would sell out the host hotel in a single day, by the Expo time we would sell at out an additional seven area hotels. That...