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For those going to Expedite Expo


Rookie Expediter
Hey drivers! As a 30 year resident of Lexington ,KY.. I would like to extend greetings to everyone here that will be attending the Expo. .yes, there are truck routs right through middle of town to the civic center / freedom hall expo center.

IF you are coming from the south, take I-75 Exit 104 and turn LEFT .. KY 418/US27 / Richmond Road.
This becomes Main street.. take it all the way in past the big blue skyscraper turn left at the Radisson onto Broadway. ( by the way , we are a spoke n hub city..if you can find the big blue tower / fifth third bank building All roads lead to it. Don't even need GPS :)

Southbound I-75 or east or west on I-64 take exit 113 Paris Pike. turn right. this becomes North Broadway . Takes you directly to the Rupp Arena / Freedom Hall

- - -Alternate /overnight/hate city traffic/ don't want to pay to park

Northbound I-75
If you are coming in from exit 104 , at the intersection of it and Man o' war Boulevard there Mist lake shopping center on your left .. it has walmart they do have overnight parking. Straights in the front,Semi's take second entrance ( just past buss stop on left) turn left lots of space around back of the shopping center.

I-75 southbound / I-64 either direction

First choice of parking ..Exit 110 Us 60 Winchester Road.. right at bottom of ramp. you have two options.. there are hotels/ motels Cracker Barrel,Hustler of Hollywood ( oh yeah,bring the missus , wink wink.)

Second option ,. Turn Left onto Sir Barton Way. there will be a Lowe's/ Super Walmart .. all sorts of space. overnight is also okay.

Third option, you can either continue down Sir Barton Way OR continue down 75/64 past the split to Exit 108 and the Aforementioned Hamburg Pavilion.

I do highly recommend the Pavilion because of the huge amount of parking and the food options are many and varied :) really nice place to take a reset :) . The two shopping centers on 418/ US 27 is packed with restaurants as well. Downtown, not as many food options, but you will not starve :) DeSha's in Victorian Square at the corner of main and broadway is to DIE for!

What else .. useful info.. Dump station.. sorry crew, only one I have ever been <ahem > Privy to is the one at the KY horse park campground .. I-75 Exit 120 . second entrance on the left .. around the bend a bit .. two stations on left side of road. Oh also a great place for the straight trucks to camp but I find the prices a little stiff.. but not too bad .. bout the same as a Motel 6.

I think I have all bases covered.. Oh yeah Don't head east off of ext 104 .. it gets real skinny really fast and no semi-trailers with double trailer axles allowed past the industrial park... ( If you been through on 75 and wondered what STAA meant.)

Local bus service I mentioned before, google "Lextrans" and it will have locations of bus stops near those overnight places I have recommended.. With the exception of the Hamburg/Pimlico Parkway connector they all go to the downtown transit center , no transfers , for a buck each way. Get off at transit center point yourself west and is maybe 3 blocks to convention center ..

Hotels ?? 5 exits full! :) pick your poison! Of course , why sleep in hotel when ya have a nice comfy condo, right?

Welcome to Lexington!
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Rookie Expediter
I know y'all could find your way around, what with google maps and gps :) but I would be a bad host if I did not post this info :)


Staff member
We will be at the Expo and look forward once again to being in Lexington! The area of the convention center is in a beautiful area of town with lots of neat little restaurants in the area. The convention center is very nice and it also has a really nice parking area for a LOT of trucks.

Looking forward to meeting you ADBrouse