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  1. Lawrence

    Expedite Expo New Year! New Venue! New Location!

    Happy New Year everybody! We hope to see you at our new venue for Expedite Expo 2019! From the parking lot of the (5 Years) Detroiter Truck Stop in Detroit, over to the (10 Years) Roberts Convention Centre in Wilmington, Ohio, plus a short stay (3 Years) at the Lexington Convention Center...
  2. Lawrence

    New Location! Expedite Expo 2019!

    What do you do when your old Convention Center eliminates truck parking and is being torn down to build a new one? YOU FIND A NEW ONE!!!!
  3. Lawrence

    See what's going on at the Expo 18!

    Not registered yet? Hurry! Online Registration Closing Soon! Click Here!
  4. Lawrence

    Expediter of The Year Nominees

    Listen to the Expediter of The Year getting attention on Sirius XM Radio! http://www.roadsquadradio.com/2018/05/11/parking-lot-tragedy/
  5. Lawrence

    The Big Dogs

    We're having way too much fun this year promoting this event.... Register Here...
  6. Lawrence

    Sasquatch Doing The Chicken Dance and Why It Matters..

    LOL. :couchpotato: See You There!
  7. Lawrence

    Driver's Choice Award

    This year at Expedite Expo 2017 we're giving away $1000.00 cash to the lucky winner whose name we draw from the ballots for the 2017 Speedco/Expedite Expo Choice Award Winners! On Saturday, we will award the Best Looking Truck on the show floor with the Driver's Choice Award. We hope to see...
  8. ShellyB007

    Over $7,000 in prizes for this Friday's Casino Night!

    Motor Carriers, Vendors and Fleet Owners have again generously stepped up to the plate by donating over $7,000 in prizes for CIS Casino Night at Expedite Expo in Lexington, KY. This free gaming fun and prizes event for Owner Operators is this Friday July 14th 7:00-10:00. Register now for...
  9. Lawrence

    Recruiters? Used Car Salesman?

    See you in Lexington! Register Now!
  10. Lawrence

    Think Like An Owner Operator / Fleet Owner

    We've put a comprehensive schedule of workshops together for Owner Operators and CDL Drivers. We've also added a new track for Fleet Owners, which happen to be the fastest growing segment in our industry. More on that later... Expedite Expo 2017 Workshop Schedule...
  11. Lawrence

    17th Annual Expedite Expo

    Hope to see you in Kentucky! Register NOW!
  12. Lawrence

    Throwback Thursday: Expo 2009 - Dave Nemo

    #TBT Trucking Radio Legend Dave Nemo joins a band on stage randomly for this trucking song.
  13. Lawrence

    VIDEO: In case you missed it.

  14. Lawrence

    If you missed it...watch this

    Watch this! These folks do a great job!
  15. Lawrence

    Cool Video From The Crafty Trucker

    Looking forward to meeting this team here at the Expo!
  16. Lawrence

    Expedite Expo Announcing Carrier Meetings & Dinners/Breakfast

    Here's a few Expedite Carrier/Organizations events that I'm aware of. Please feel free to add to this thread if your carrier or organization is having a get together at the Expedite Expo. Friday July 15 Expediter Services (Open to all - see link for more info) Dinner Hyatt - Regency Ballroom -...
  17. Lawrence

    Expedite Expo Happiness 4 U! This just in...Espar of Michigan to give $500 at Expo

    Most everyone knows that Espar of Michigan and EsparParts.com supports the EO Community. Ray Lawrence has once again generously offered a giveaway of $500.00 at the Expedite Expo for the EO Nation. Stop by his booth (419) for your chance to win at a drawing at 4pm on Saturday on the main stage...
  18. Lawrence

    Expedite Expo EO BBQ - You're Invited

    Next Saturday (July 15) at 5 pm after the Expo in Lexington - we're hosting our annual whole hog BBQ. Come and meet our sponsors, moderators and admins as well as fellow members and those of you who read - but have not yet created an user profile. :bookworm: Bring a guest! :happy: More info...
  19. Lawrence

    Expedite Expo Plan your day at the Expo: List of Events

    The 2016 Expo features more events, demonstrations, workshops, meetings and get togethers than previous Expo's. Here is the most recent schedule with more to be added soon: JULY 15, 2016 8:00 am Fitness Walk 8:00 am Registration Open 9:00 am Health Pavilion 9:00 am All American Working...
  20. Lawrence

    New to this community? Meet us face to face here...

    Expedite Expo is the only trade event focusing exclusively on the expedited trucking industry. Launched in 2001, Expedite Expo has experienced a steady growth in exhibitors, attendees and media exposure. Attendees and Exhibitors from all over the US and Canada, come to the expo to learn about...